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'''Homer Eon Flint''' (1888 as '''Homer Eon Flindt''' –1924) was a writer of Pulp magazine|pulp science fiction novels and stories. He began working as a scenarist for silent films (reportedly at his wife's insistence) in 1912. In 1918 he published "The Planeteer" in ''All-Story Weekly''. His "Dr. Kinney" stories were reprinted by Ace Books in 1965, and with Austin Hall (writer)|Austin Hall he co-wrote the novel ''The Blind Spot''. Reportedly he died as a result of an involvement in a bank robbery attempt. According to his granddaughter the only witness was himself a gangster. His son was Max Hugh Flindt (1915-2004), co-founder of the ancient astronaut society who co-authored with Otto Binder ''Mankind – Child of the Stars'' in 1974, and in 2004 published ''Between the Apes and the Angels''.[ Max...
Birth nameHomer Eon Flindt
Birth date1888
Birth place| death_date = 1924
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